Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bring on those 3-D pictures

OK, Jimmy, we're ready for more 3-D pictures. Corrine took this picture the first time you and Linda came out to AZ in the Mini. You were showing Papa Roger and me your 3-D pics on your laptop.

Safari Room

I re-organized my room to let in more light and air. I pulled out this animal print stuff I'd had packed away for years, and voila! Safari Room.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Bibim Bap Week

I hereby declare this week Bibim Bap Week. This is my favorite Korean food from my month-long visit to Korea two years ago. The idea of a special week of this was inspired by an article in the Phoenix Republic about a couple of Korean restaurants in the area. Got me thinking about that popular dish... had to go in search of the best in the area.
Three days and three lunches of Bibim Bap later, the winner is Chodang Tofu & B.B.Q. in Chandler, AZ.
OK, I may have this out of my system before the week is out!